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EngSpoken.com is a blog site dedicated to teaching English.

We have been working in the field of learning to speak English for many years. It is very important to have an environment to learn any language, but if there is no environment around, then we have to face many difficulties in learning a new language. Also, if the student is average and he is not interested in learning something new, then learning English remains his only dream because he does not like to practice and due to lack of environment, he cannot practice and if Unknowingly, if he starts learning the language with the help of Grammar, then he remains entangled only in Grammar.
Keeping all this in mind, we have created this website, in which even Hindi speaking people can learn to speak English very easily, that too without joining any coaching.

In this, we have not included most of the grammar syllabus and we have focused more on your English speaking. To make the rules of grammar easy, we have explained them in spoken rules and tricks in such a way that it becomes easy for every class of person.
We are a Spoken English Tutor-Team who have been working in the coaching field for many years among average students and also we have developed our techniques and methods of teaching English. You will be very happy to know that you are on this unique site of the world, where you will get to read in completely new ways, as well as the information present here is completely experience-based, which is not seen anywhere.

If you want to study through video class sitting at home, then you can mail or contact us and ask for pendrive of video shot in our class sitting at home.

So in the end it will be said to you, study a lot, always innovate and show the world and the coming generation by winning in every field that you have won your time.


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